Aurora Photos

Since I'm horrible at keeping up with this blog, I have a feeling not many people know what it is I have been up to. 

There was a period last spring where I took the time to really explore my options- career wise. For years I was working sporadic jobs, all in hopes that something great would come along. Instead, I discovered that it is true, opportunities do not just fall in your lap. It takes serious commitment and energy to get what you want. After receiving the amazing support from my boyfriend, I quit my job this spring and took time to write about 40 cover letters and send resumes blindly to a handful of jobs that I wanted. 

My goal was, to find a full-time, salary paying, benefits, potential for growth, photography related, Portland based job.  

Can I just say, that searching for a job, is one of the most frustrating and bizarre experiences that I hate to do..... Out of the 40 or so jobs that I applied to, I went on 3 serious interviews. I was offered all 3 jobs, but chose the one that I knew the least about.

Aurora Photos, is a stock photography company based out of Portland. It was started about 20 years ago, with the work from primarily National Geographic and Outdoor/Adventure photographers. As the industry has shifted, due to larger companies, such as Getty and Corbis, Aurora expanded their collection and now is a small stock agency that has an array of work. 

When interviewed for the job, I was completely honest about what I did and did not know about the stock photography world. Surprisingly, they hired me anyway. I was offered everything I had wanted and have continued to grow at Aurora. My job allows me to be my own slave driver- I am in control of myself. My day consists of working on the computer, getting new images online, editing work, submitting to agencies around the world, and other random things that many people would have no idea what I'm talking about. At 5 o'clock I go home feeling done with the work day, and energized enough to want to make my own work. 

I deal directly with a hundred or so photographers as apart of my job, and it's always making me want to better my own practice. These guys that submit stock photography, are dedicated and putting in a ton of effort to make money on their work. The work we ask of  them is intense and overwhelming for the most part.  Every week though, someone is joining on board and changing their practice and way of shooting to grow further and stay true to the times and challenges of staying relevant in the photography world. It's inspiring really.

Right now, I am also helping build a new Aurora website and building a new brand, completing a huge quarterly marketing plan, and recruiting new photographers. It's exciting to really be dealing within my field and using my creative skills and photography skills to not just make Aurora money, but also other photographers. 

I plan to really push more people to check out what I am doing at Aurora, once the new site is up and running. It will feel good to show it off. 

In the mean time, here is two volumes of a quarterly online publication I worked on with the amazing, Peter Dennen. We have some pretty amazing photographers and this really shows off their talent.  Check out Vol. 1  and Vol. 2

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