I Designed a Pretty Sweet Website (for Andrew)...

Most days, I wish that I had taken design courses while at Maine College of Art. The further into my career I get, I realize the skills a designer has are ever so important as a creative person. Designers literally have the sense to know what is “good” and what is “bad” when seen by the human eye. Admittedly, not every designer out there is great or has a total sense of what is “good”, but they at least are more ahead of me to creating some pretty kick ass stuff. 

I am lucky enough, however, to be given the opportunity to grow on my design skills by being a part of marketing projects at my job and most recently being trusted by my partner to grow his jewelry business, And- How , into a solid brand. Last year, he was gifted a generous grant by the Maine Arts Commission to revamp his website and really get his work seen in the light it deserves. 

The grant was the push Andrew needed to really think of himself as a professional and start from scratch to create an online presence. First, we switched website providers, picked a design template and started compiling ideas that would become Andrew’s brand. He’s a hipster, geeky, funny, young dude that makes work inspired by the sea- so we used all of these things to create one heck of a site. Andrew wanted to have images of his work on the coastline where they were inspired, as well as images that showed every detail of the ring on white or black. It was also his decision to include images from his favorite area near Portland, Two Lights State Park. From multiple trips to the beach, and multiple studio shoots with his work, we had galleries of his work that truly do it justice. 

I had fun making the site for Andrew, and he had fun watching it all come together and see the progress of something huge for his art career come to a completion. He designed a logo as one of the last steps and it’s AMAZING! He certainly has some design talent as well. Together we make a team that hopefully can continue to help each other grow as artists. It’s truly rare to have this amount of support and I am counting my blessings at how lucky I am. 


Here a few shots of the site, but be sure to check it out for yourself:  and-how.org