Wedding! (From Last Summer)

I'm not a wedding photographer by any means- to all of those who do wedding photography for a living, I bow down to you. It's incredibly hard and anxiety levels are at all time high (every second of the day) and it's just a plain kick in the pants for a straight 8 or so hours. Anyhoo- when I decided to take on a wedding, I make sure they know that I am NOT a wedding photographer. I am more like a guest at the wedding with a camera, that isn't afraid to boss some people around. Greg and Marissa found me through a recommendation here in Maine and they were the MOST relaxed couple on their wedding day and I am so happy that I said I would photographer their wedding. Everyone that I met that day was incredible! It was a thousand degrees and the ceremony was in a tiny little church in Cape Elizabeth with ONE fan (that the groomsmen positioned on them-for good reasons) and the bride and groom portraits they wanted at Portland Head Light (they are both marine biologists , so being by the water was key). Because it was so hot, we had to be super fast taking pictures before everyone melted, but I think I captured the light hearted spirit that these two brought to such a lovely day.