25th Year

So I moved and I feel like I am still transitioning.

I moved 6 months ago. It's been almost half a year since I made this "transition", and yet I still feel wobbly in these new settings. I'm not sure if it's the disappearance of the Maine coast and dense woodlands, but my inspiration to make work has hit a lull. I will say, it would be mighty cool to be making some kick-ass work that I could be connecting to new people down here in Rhode Island with- oh and printing in the lab I work in - but it will happen.... no worries.

I do know there are a few people who are rooting for me to succeed and this is probably depressing on their end to hear, but again, not to fret, I will be on an upward swing soon enough.


I have been (slowly) settling in and making a new start with Andrew. We have been, for a lack of a better word, "blessed". We are both working artists... Meaning we work full time in fields that are directly related to our education and interests, as well as, making a go at creating our own fine art. I think we are a bit of an anomaly in Rhode Island, as well as the 20 something Artists, to have moved for a job to a state with one of the lowest employment rates, and score some pretty sweet working gigs.

Outside of work, Andrew and I are enjoying weekends together- another anomaly. In four years we never were on the same schedule, so to experience down time together has been fantastic. We keep busy by exploring the tiniest state in the US of A. We also have enjoyed making a home that feels truly "homey".

So yeah, we are doing pretty okay. Hoping to make my 25th year on this planet a good one.