Missing Quince...

Quince & Co. is a beautiful yarn company based out of Maine that has a devoted large following , and for very good reasons. The company is currently run by Pam Allen- one of those people who you meet and instantly feel at home with and someone who you can only aspire to be. She hired me on as a photographer for a few months before I made the move to Rhode Island and it was one of the best experiences of freelance that I have ever done / will ever do. Pam was organized and willing / open to all suggestions, but also very good with her own eye for what she wanted the final photographs to look like.

Quince is a company who thrives on their followers to keep coming back for more. They post constantly new knitting patterns and are consistently upping their yarn game. They draw their following in with imagery that they post on the world wide web and the slew of social media that they dominate. I learned FAST how important my photography for them would be. Their look is clean, natural, and loving. Think of a beautifully knit sweater that is cozy to snuggle up to and make that look good- that was my job. Pam and I would schedule our shoots for before or after my work hours. So we would get up at 5 am and catch the rising sun, or raise the setting sun around southern Maine. Pam would hire the models that were naturally beautiful and dress them up in edgy but conservative clothing that any female would die to be wearing. The whole shoot would be fun and run without any real hiccups. It was just too good.

Now that I am in my winter nostaligic phase and reviewing the summer Quince photo shoots, I feel a pain for wanting to be back at the beach or in the Maine woods, working with Pam and the Quince models dressed in beautiful knits. 

From only a few shoots, I have some favorites here. When I have time to go through more I will be sure to post more of my favorites. Enjoy and be sure to check out Quince & CO and support their wonderful efforts.