PhoPa Gallery

Recently, my full-time job has become finding what it is that makes me happy. I quit a job that promoted me, and paid me well, all in an effort to do something better with my life. I wanted to use my education. I’ve applied to more jobs than I would like to addmit, and have heard from only a small portion of them in return. I was applying blindly to places that I knew I would be an asset, as well as places I knew I could learn a great deal.
One of the first jobs I applied to was an internship at the new PhoPa Gallery on Washington Ave, in Portland. I had visited the gallery that previously resided in this location and knew I loved the space and would kill to work there. A bonus was that PhoPa is run by Maine Media Workshops + College, whose home is in Rockport, Maine- about 10 minuets from where I grew up. Now that they have a home in Portland, I knew it was fate for me to return to working for a place that I hold in very high regards.

My story with Maine Media Workshops:

Photography has always brought wonderful surprises into my life. In fact, the love I have for it came as a surprise. Before my senior year of high school, I took a Young Photographers class at Maine Media Workshops. For a week all I did was shoot film, immerse myself in the darkroom, and make an everlasting change in my life. It was during that week that I asked questions of everyone I was surrounded by, about how they came to devote themselves to the art of photography. I never knew it was possible to study photography in college, and fully make my life about it, and was curious of how to begin. I saw hundreds of people coming to one place all passionate about the same thing and was excited everyday that I had to spend there. 

The work that I made in that one week in the YoPho program I used to make a portfolio to apply to photography programs across the U.S. I was accepted early decision to the Rochester Institute of Technology, Fine Art photography program. After a year I searched for a smaller program and made my way to Maine College of Art. After graduating in 2011, I went back to Maine Media Workshops as a Photo Lab Technician for an incredible summer working with photographers. 

That first summer at Maine Media Workshops was incredibly important to me, as it started a wonderfully surprising life created by the love of photography I was able to find.
SO- It’s incredibly lucky that I have a great internship in Portland with PhoPa. The gallery is beautiful and will be bringing a different vibe to the art scene, than the other galleries that exsist in Portland. The gallery will shop Phographs and Works on Paper- currently exhibiting Siri Beckman, a printmaker who does incredible wood engravings.
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