For the past 6 years I have created sites for artists who would like to update their current sites or begin to have an online presence in showcasing their work. With the web design, comes experience in editing photos, creating web stores, some logo design, and a keen creative eye. I like to begin each site with an in depth conversation about all elements and periodically check in with the artist to collaborate on the experience of the site. Each website is a set price and comes with a one on one tutorial of how to maintain the website after the initial design and launch is completed.


From years working in the photographic production realm and as an assistant to local artists, I can offer my services for anyone looking for long term studio help or production based work to prepare for exhibitions or installations. 


Highly experienced in spreading the joy of knowing how to work your way around Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. One on one lessons, designed to personal needs with the program are the best ways to learn. Each lesson is then a packet tutorial to refer to for personal future use. If you want to learn something in photoshop, I can teach you the best practices to accomplish what you need.

please contact for further information or inquires to work together